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I have watched Penelope help executives breakthrough lifelong personal barriers and find insights that changed their personal lives and organizations for the better. I trust her wholeheartedly to treat sacred any dark secrets, deep fears and personal flaws. She will help you find the Warrior Goddess that you know is there waiting. Yes, you should call her right now.”

Julie Pond, Founder, Sage Environmental Services, Inc.

Programs, Packages and Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Individual Programs

Achieve genuine evolution and accomplish your desired mastery.

Leadership Development


Workshops for ongoing leadership development.



Achieve genuine evolution and accomplish your desired mastery.

Leadership Team Development - $375 hour or $2,000/day

Group VIP Days* - $2000

Individual Sessions - $250 hour/ $325 for 90 minutes

Individual VIP Days* - $1600


The moment you step in, you’re “off the clock”. Intensive days designed to move stuck projects forward, clear deep chronic states of beingness and trauma to get clear about your vision and its impact. There is spaciousness during these days to journal, take walks, meditate, or nap. Participate in breakouts, dyads and masterminding.

**Laser Coaching

These “mini-sessions” (10-15 minutes) are a time to connect and get support clearing, prepare for negotiations, address hard conversations, and of course, celebrations!

Transformational Leadership Program (12 Months)

  • 3 Intensive - VIP days*        

  • 20 - 90 min sessions     

  • Laser coaching** (phone, text, email)  

Transformational Leadership Program (6 Months)

Breakthrough Program

  • 1 Intensive - VIP day*     

  • 5 - 90 min sessions   

Program Insights, Decisive Action

Extended Packages:

For tune-ups and ongoing support in complex lives.

Contact me to learn more.

How does the Mind Clear Philosophy resonate with you and strengthen the trajectory you want to actualize as a leader?

Turn the deep clarity you uncover into impact, growth and prosperity.

Thanks for bringing your wonderful work into my world. You are an awesome facilitator. I learned a lot about myself and the art of facilitation.

Mary Jane Pioli, Co-founder Seattle/Bellevue Women President’s Organization

Product Designer

The Clearing process has been quite amazing, helping me bust past mental barriers that were slowing me down and creating anxiety. One hour with Penelope helped me get unstuck and clear, and I have had several sessions that resulted in my being able to take immediate action to get the results that I envision. I highly recommend Penelope’s work because I’ve experienced the immediate benefits!

Cynthia Clay, Owner & CEO Netspeed Learning

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