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It is possible to be a badass

and relaxed.

Mind Clear Coaching provides tools for entrepreneurial leaders to support the success, influence, and freedom they desire.


The process is incredibly efficient at clearing away barriers within an individual, in relationships, and throughout organizations.

Apply for a 90 minute complimentary Clearing session. ($375 value)

Clearing gets the icky stuff unstuck! Clients align with who they truly are & increase their ability to move life projects forward with greater ease.

It's time to feel lighter, on point, and excited to make a bigger impact in a world so truly in need.

How it works

I’ve gone further, deeper and more authentically in my brief work with Penelope than I have in a hundred other iterations of coaching / therapy / support. I thought it was just about my business but Clearing helped mend my financials, my heart, my sex life and my human resources dilemmas. All in one person. That’s my kind of ROI. She got me; the good, the holy, the bullshit, the illusion. How rare and wonderful. I am blessed beyond measure for this partnership. Hire her.

Tyler Lewke, President | Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple and Meditation Centers

 CEO, Lewke INC and Published Author of "Empty, Empty, Happy, Happy"

Product Designer


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