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#2 All people are born good at heart.

All people are born good, flexibly intelligent, with a deep desire to love & be connected to others and have an inherent zest for life. It is from hurt and lack of support when we were young that pattern arise and take us away from this benign state.

#3 Emotional Intelligence increases All Intelligence

Emotions are physiological events that trigger the Mind's itty-bitty-sh*tty-committee and vis-a-vis! When flooded with emotions it is incredibly difficult to think flexibly at all or treat the people in front of you with the kindness and respect they deserve. Sessions include practical tools for increasing EQ, managing the inner weather systems of emotions, and quieting the internal critics so you are a more effective leader.

#1 Transformational leadership is an art form.

Transformational leadership is an art form and requires ongoing development of the whole person. When you are centered and clear, you are more able to be present & calm even in the face of extraordinary conditions. An extraordinary leader models, mentors, guides, and inspires action. You can be both transparent as a human and have healthy boundaries. With practice, your “inner flashlight” shines bright, and you become skillful and highly aware of your own body/mind/emotions and what you are bringing into the room. When you take on the project of leadership as an art form, you are taking on a deeply fulfilling journey of evolution that can support countless people, while also growing profitable companies.

#5 We are all a part of many different systems that affect our behaviors.

We are all a part of many different systems that affect our behaviors, our thought processes and our values. It is a complex interaction between both our own and others’ class backgrounds, race and gender conditioning, ages, cultures and family of origins. Increasing our awareness and understanding the intersections of diversity is critical to how we tend both 1:1 relationships as well as the cultures we are creating within our organizations.

#7 The most successful people get the most support.

To be a transformational leader is to commit to making sure YOU are in great shape in as many domains as possible: rested, supported, nourished, healthy and loved. This requires fierce self-love and excellent boundaries. Mastering enlightened self-love will help you be of best service to others and support the teams you lead and your extended communities to genuinely evolve and thrive.

#6 Transformational Leadership is an act of service.

Clearing can be used to forward almost every life project, including your connection to spirit/source. For those clients walking the path of transformational leadership there are specific practices to explore deeper spiritual contact and be in service to what is greater than yourself.  

#4 Entrepreneurs are delusionally optimistic!*

But most have a passion to contribute in meaningful ways to the betterment of others. It can be challenging to understand why we chose to fly without a net, have a hard time turning off work-brain, change directions on a dime, and experience both epic failures and breakthroughs.

* "There is a small group of people who are creating real progress in the world, and they are as a whole, delusionally optimistic." Daniel Kahneman


Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions!

In service to your BEST life,


Beyond Penelope’s obvious expertise and the ease with which she leads and directs her programs, what strikes me most about her facilitation is her passionate, unwavering commitment to the better part of each of us that she so clearly recognizes and holds precious. She repeatedly astounds me by how dialed-in she is to the people in front of her. Her credibility shines through as one who has done the work on herself.

Scott Paseltiner, PS, Gabriel Trading

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