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Mind Clearing is not magic, a quick fix, or something that is done to you. It is not based on moving ideas around in the mind or looking at things more positively. Clearing is based on fulfilled relating [and] rests on old and new discoveries of what clears the mind of its upsets, depressions, fears, guilt and negative attitudes. A good Clearing session brings you home to who you really are and to a place of choice and self-responsibility. From this place you can really live.

- Lawrence Noyes

Product Designer

What is Mind Clearing

The mind is inherently filled with static and the cacophony can be deafening.

Think of static as incomplete communications, not functioning in present time, worrying, defending against other people’s opinions or needs, trauma, fixed states and attitudes, recordings from the past that keep playing automatically and are unexamined. And blaming ourselves and each other for the suffering that is inherent in all life. This stack up keeps us from our true selves and purpose, from each other and from our connection to that which is greater than ourselves. 

For the leaders and entrepreneurs the stack up in our minds can show up as lack of focus, getting stuck in survival mode, rarely able to turn off work brain, feelings of shame, blame or chronic overwhelm, neurotically trying to get it “perfect,” isolation and solo-functioning, forcing or bullying others, ineffective action, feeling “better than” and/or imposter syndrome…

Clearing supports increased free space in the mind so we are more able to approach life flexibly and responsively. The ability to see the bigger picture is greater. The more clear space there is, the less reactive and defensive the mind becomes. Chronic problems transform into actionable projects. Clean and healthy boundaries are easier to identify and maintain. All relationships begin to go better and communication becomes clear and precise. Genuine human and spiritual fulfillment becomes possible.

Free will, choice and the ability to act are what make us individuals. No one can be made to change; nothing can be done to you that will change your mind or psyche without your consent.

- Ranganathan

Clients work together with a Clearer in one-to-one sessions and in groups utilizing dyad exercises. There is an enhanced intelligence in sessions when two individuals turn their attention to a specific topic. Once that single topic has been cleared, emotions are more calm, action steps are clear and communication becomes easier and more precise.

Clearing creates the conditions for profound connection, serenity and true fulfillment.

There will always be some “mind” but after much work, it is possible to live a clear-minded existence. What might it look like if an upsetting event occurs? There is a spike of reactivity and emotion, but it resolves incredibly quickly and we are able to choose how to respond- or not! This is akin to enlightenment and few humans are fortunate enough to experience this condition full time. All of us however can experience states of grace. Clearing makes this more possible.

"I reach out to Penelope when I’ve run into a block or a piece of my pain-body where I’m feeling the most vulnerable. Sessions with her remove those core-level barriers that make me want to give up. Penelope has the intellectual horsepower to understand the complexity of the issues I face, which genuinely separates her from the crowd. She provides a space that is calm, respectful, and holistic. I leave sessions feeling lighter and clear."

Anna Steffeney, founder Leave Logic and Executive Director FamTech Collaborative

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