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The most successful people get the most support.

Level I Basics of Clearing

  • Master the communication cycle so clients no longer crash the session

  • Learn how to transform problems into projects

  • Increase contact while also upgrading boundaries

  • Discover the anatomy of relationship for clients’ ongoing relational growth and fulfillment

Level II Advanced Clearing

Get trained in depth processing including:

  • Trauma and Karma Clearing

  • Untangle Soul Traps

  • Freed up power with integrity

  • Dissolve chronic fixed states and attitudes

Advanced Coach Training

Whether you are new to the profession or not, the Clearing processes will upgrade your ability to guide your clients into reaching their desired goals while you achieve genuine mastery.

This level 1 class gives you tools to:

  • Get clear where your internal and external boundaries may be out of whack

  • Distinguish the difference between setting a boundary and making a request

  • Learn the fine art of opening to the person and closing to the patterns of behavior that drive you bat-sh** crazy

  • Say and Receive NO with kindness and grace

  • Stop saying yes out of obligation, guilt or people pleasing

  • Learn in community, lean into community, get company and practice. No ONE is as smart as ALL of us!

Upcoming: Boundary Rehab: 6 Week Seminar

Scheduling soon for  2024

Turn the deep clarity you uncover into impact, growth and prosperity.

Individual Programs include VIP days and Laser Coaching

Clients save when enrolling in programs and packages. Other benefits include being in a trusted container to go deeper while also receiving help to create the structures to support your vision and success.

VIP Days  The moment you step in, you’re “off the clock.” Intensive VIP days are designed to move stuck projects forward and clear out chronic states of beingness and trauma. Life doesn’t interrupt the work so intensives help you move your entire life forward in powerful ways. There is spaciousness during these days to journal, take walks, meditate, and rest as needed.

Group VIP days are dynamic, effective and fun! 

Go deep into your own evolution, transform relationships and grow your business!

“No one is a smart as All of us!” Seth Godin

Come learn and play with others!

Upgrade your ability to guide clients into achieving genuine results.

Extended Packages:

For tune-ups and ongoing support in complex lives.

Contact Penelope to learn more.

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